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Spare Parts for Warwick Dryers and Laundry Equipment

Spare Parts for Warwick Dryers Laundry Equipment

Image Manufacturer Part No. Description
94.06.1 Warwick Extractors 94.06.1 Blackpush button
PRI610012077 Warwick Washers PRI610012077 Coil 198 VDC 100% ED
1.00.2 Warwick Dryers 1.00.2

Warwick Dryer

WTD Generation Dryers

Also fitted to Viking VK


Gas Flange Elbow

7.06.8 Warwick Dryers 7.06.8 Coin Box Lock with Connector Screw Type
4.01.2 Warwick Dryers 4.01.2 Reversing motor 1 phase
93.14.1 Warwick Extractors 93.14.1 Lid Spinning EX10
94.01.3A Warwick Extractors 94.01.3A PCB Board JS1 Coin Mech Relay (New Type)
4.05.4 Warwick Dryers 4.05.4 O/heat stat elec box
5.05.2 Warwick Dryers 5.05.2

Warwick Dryers

WTD Range Generation 1 Dryer

Also Fitted to Viking VK Range

Gas Burner Tube 30/50/75lb

92.07.2 Warwick Extractors 92.07.2 Boss Cover EX15
TI2950MORB6WEI Warwick Dryers TI2950MORB6WEI Terminal Block Neutral 6mm Gas Dryer
4.05.7 Warwick Dryers 4.05.7 Main Adj Insert Blank
6.12.6 Warwick Dryers 6.12.6 Door Glass Insert Only - Also Require 6.12.8
TI2950MORM6WEI Warwick Dryers TI2950MORM6WEI Terminal Block Brown Live 6 mm Gas Dryers
4.15.4A Warwick Dryers 4.15.4A Terminal Block End Clamp
3.20.3 Warwick Dryers 3.20.3 Int.Adj.Brkt. Comp 75 Extended Boss
TI2950MORWM16B Warwick Dryers TI2950MORWM16B Blue Terminal Block
4.08.3B Warwick Dryers 4.08.3B Auxillary Contact ABB N/O CA5-10
4.03.2 Warwick Dryers 4.03.2 Green Neon
4.04.5 Warwick Dryers 4.04.5 Coggs 5 Pin Pegged Wheels
TI2950MORWMG16 Warwick Dryers TI2950MORWMG16 Yellow/Green Terminal Block
7.06.6 Warwick Dryers 7.06.6 Coin Box Inner
PRI530020012 Warwick Washers PRI530020012 Axial Ring R10/16
7.07.2 Warwick Dryers 7.07.2 Coin Box Lock/with Lock Bar Attached.Screw Type
PRI340002051 Warwick Washers PRI340002051 Drain Valve motor gear box 220v
TI2950CO480707 Warwick Dryers TI2950CO480707 Connector 9 Way Female
5.06.1 Warwick Dryers 5.06.1 Adaptor
93.15.2 Warwick Extractors 93.15.2 Lid seal EX15
4.04.9 Warwick Dryers 4.04.9 Coggs 9 Pin Pegged Wheels
93.11.1 Warwick Extractors 93.11.1

Lid opening spring

3.25.6 Warwick Dryers 3.25.6 Motor Pulley New Type 50mm 30/50 single rotation
93.14.4 Warwick Extractors 93.14.4 Plastic Plug
4.06.2 Warwick Dryers 4.06.2 Relay Base 2 Pole
4.08.6A Warwick Dryers 4.08.6A Mechanical Interlock
93.12.2 Warwick Extractors 93.12.2 Lid Spinning EX15
TI883268G Warwick Dryers TI883268G LPG jet - WD range 20 and 30lb
TI2950POLXPDLF Warwick Dryers TI2950POLXPDLF Blue LED Module
94.10.1 Warwick Extractors 94.10.1 Fuseholder c/w Back Nut FX0416 EX10/EX15
TI2950MORGVO10 Warwick Dryers TI2950MORGVO10 Terminal Block Earth 10mm Electric Dryers
93.18.2 Warwick Extractors 93.18.2 Nylon Bush 36619 EX10/EX15
TI2950CO48709 Warwick Dryers TI2950CO48709 12 Ways Female Connector
96.01.9 Warwick Extractors 96.01.9 Coin Box Lock EX10/EX15
94.05.2 Warwick Extractors 94.05.2 Out of balance switch
TI2950MORG6WEI Warwick Dryers TI2950MORG6WEI Terminal Block Earth Terminal 6mm Gas Dryers
4.08.3A Warwick Dryers 4.08.3A Auxiliary Contact N/C
5.03.4 Warwick Dryers 5.03.4 Electric Box Assembly 20lb
5.06.6 Warwick Dryers 5.06.6 Gas Pipe Tee 75lb 1/2" to 3/8"
4.08.5 Warwick Dryers 4.08.5 Heater Contactor ABB
6.13.1 Warwick Dryers 6.13.1 Panel Lock - top
4.05.3 Warwick Dryers 4.05.3 O/heat stat gas box
6.13.1K Warwick Dryers 6.13.1K Key top Panel Lock
TI2950FERMOREW Warwick Dryers TI2950FERMOREW Terminal Block End
TI2950CONAPX10 Warwick Dryers TI2950CONAPX10 N.O. contact 800F-X10
TI2950CONEN073 Warwick Dryers TI2950CONEN073 Contactor
3.14.0 Warwick Dryers 3.14.0 Woodruffe Key Imperial
5.06.5 Warwick Dryers 5.06.5 Gas Pipe - Front 75lb (2 Required)
5.08.1 Warwick Dryers 5.08.1

Warwick Dryers

WTD Range Generation 1 Dryer

Also Fitted to Viking VK Range

Gas Injector (LPG) 20lb

PRI503000004 Warwick Washers PRI503000004 Door Glass Seal Primus NL10 FS6-10, 6kg, 7kg, 10kg
TI2950FIAH7141 Warwick Dryers TI2950FIAH7141 Switch For Steam Battery
3.16.0 Warwick Dryers 3.16.0 Washer & Lock Nut Imperial
7.06.7 Warwick Dryers 7.06.7 Chrome Front Plate
TI4936RPZ0010M Warwick Dryers TI4936RPZ0010M Washer Fe 10 Zinc
PRI505000041 Warwick Washers PRI505000041 Door gasket for LN165/WN165/RS16
510973 Warwick Washers 510973 Top Solenoid
4.08.2A Warwick Dryers 4.08.2A Thermal Overload
93.06.4 Warwick Extractors 93.06.4 Drum Locknut EX15
TI2950PURVEDT3 Warwick Dryers TI2950PURVEDT3 Green Push To Start Button
5.05.1 Warwick Dryers 5.05.1

Warwick Dryers

WTD Range Generation 1 Dryer

Also Fitted to Viking VK Range

Gas Burner Tube 20lb

3.14.0M Warwick Dryers 3.14.0M Woodruffe Key Metric
4.04.6 Warwick Dryers 4.04.6 Coggs 6 Pin Pegged Wheels
94.06.2 Warwick Extractors 94.06.2 Pushbutton green
TI2950MORBL010 Warwick Dryers TI2950MORBL010 Terminal Block Neutral 10mm Electric Dryers
4.11.6 Warwick Dryers 4.11.6 Pre Purge Timer SAS 33 Sec
3403806 Warwick Washers 3403806 Invertor single phase 240v 2.2kw 10a invetor driven m/cs
R22112000114 Warwick Washers R22112000114 Double Nipple Steam 1/2
4.11.2A Warwick Dryers 4.11.2A

Warwick Dryers

WTD Range Generation 1 Dryer

Also Fitted to Viking VK Range

Ignition P16B Connector

5.07.1 Warwick Dryers 5.07.1 Gas Injector (NG) 20lb (360)
93.17.2 Warwick Extractors 93.17.2 Outer tub seal EX15
94.02.4 Warwick Extractors 94.02.4 Relay 1 Pole 230V EX10/15 - 5 Pin
PRI340055051 Warwick Washers PRI340055051

Drain Valve 3"

Fitted to Primus, Lavmac and Warwick Washers 

Primus R, RS and FS Washers

Lavamac LN and LH Washers

Warwick WN and WH Washers 

TI1937CUSYA206 Warwick Dryers TI1937CUSYA206 Bearing
94.02.6 Warwick Extractors 94.02.6 Relay Base 1 Pole EX10/EX15
4.13.6 Warwick Dryers 4.13.6 Elec. Heater Element - 75lb 30 kw Special Order
3.12.2 Warwick Dryers 3.12.2 Bearing Pillow Block 50/75lb Imperial
6.12.8 Warwick Dryers 6.12.8 Door seal weather strip
4.06.1 Warwick Dryers 4.06.1 Relay (2 Pole) 8 pin
PI516694 Warwick Washers PI516694 Computer board EC
TI2952FP192522 Warwick Dryers TI2952FP192522 Reversing Timer P19
94.01.1B Warwick Extractors 94.01.1B Tokens For New Type coin mech 201/278 (sold per 100)
4.13.4 Warwick Dryers 4.13.4 Electric Heater Terminals Female
4.17.0 Warwick Dryers 4.17.0 Noise Filter
TI2950BOXTR6P5 Warwick Dryers TI2950BOXTR6P5 Lock Only Top Panel Triangle Insert
5.06.3 Warwick Dryers 5.06.3 Gas Pipe Elbow 1/2" to 3/8"
4.02.6 Warwick Dryers 4.02.6 Timer Dial and Insert 60 Min
3.11.1 Warwick Dryers 3.11.1 Spider Shaft Seal 20/30lb
TI2950MANOP011 Warwick Dryers TI2950MANOP011 Timer and Thermostat Knob
5.06.2 Warwick Dryers 5.06.2 Locknut
5.13.1 Warwick Dryers 5.13.1 LPG Conversion Kit 20lb NG to LPG
TI497837X Warwick Dryers TI497837X Door Glass Nylon Insert (4 Per Machine) -Priced Individually
4.06.9 Warwick Dryers 4.06.9 Coin Counter Route Op
3.11.2 Warwick Dryers 3.11.2 Spider shaft Seal 50/75
TI2950RETER434 Warwick Dryers TI2950RETER434 Relay Thermal Overload fits on Mini Control Switch
TI2950MORWM016 Warwick Dryers TI2950MORWM016 Brown Terminal Block
TI2950PORT1011 Warwick Dryers TI2950PORT1011 Terminal Block Fuse Holder
4.11.3 Warwick Dryers 4.11.3 Pre purge timer FX30PPT old type
TI2950RELMIZG4 Warwick Dryers TI2950RELMIZG4 Relay 230vac
4.15.6 Warwick Dryers 4.15.6 Terninal Block Rear
PRI608000002 Warwick Washers PRI608000002 Bearing F10 large
TI2951SENSO704 Warwick Dryers TI2951SENSO704 Ionisation Probe
93.10.2 Warwick Extractors 93.10.2 Lock Lever Bush EX10/EX15
TI2950PASTE155 Warwick Dryers TI2950PASTE155 Overheat Stat Reset 155 degree
93.05.2 Warwick Extractors 93.05.2 Suspension block EX15
5.06.4 Warwick Dryers 5.06.4 Gas Pipe - Front 20/30/50lb
94.02.1 Warwick Extractors 94.02.1 Delay timer relay
4.16.5 Warwick Dryers 4.16.5 Fuse Holder New Type
5.07.2 Warwick Dryers 5.07.2 Gas Injector (NG) 30lb
4.08.1A Warwick Dryers 4.08.1A Motor Contactor
4.01.4 Warwick Dryers 4.01.4 Reversing motor 3 phase
4.03.1 Warwick Dryers 4.03.1 Amber Neon
4.11.2 Warwick Dryers 4.11.2 Ingnition Control Unit P16B
6.12.1 Warwick Dryers 6.12.1 Door Hinge - St/St
94.02.7 Warwick Extractors 94.02.7 Insert/Face plate 50p EX10/EX15
5.01.3 Warwick Dryers 5.01.3 Swingframe Disc (Small)
PRI503000004 Warwick Washers PRI503000004 Door Gasket Small 16lb
TI2950SEGLA220 Warwick Dryers TI2950SEGLA220 Amber Visual Indicator
TI1987PU561145 Warwick Dryers TI1987PU561145 Pulley Motor
3.25.4 Warwick Dryers 3.25.4 Motor Pulley New Type 75 mm 30 rev
4.15.3A Warwick Dryers 4.15.3A Terminal Block End Plate
3.18.9 Warwick Dryers 3.18.9 Pulley Conversion From Imperial to Metric
4.04.8 Warwick Dryers 4.04.8 Coggs 8 Pin Pegged Wheels
3.18.7 Warwick Dryers 3.18.7 Single Action Pulley Drive Set 20lb
6.13.2 Warwick Dryers 6.13.2 Panel Lock - Top
TI2950ZOCES152 Warwick Dryers TI2950ZOCES152 Relay Support 9472SMA WD30
TI3940GUAER105 Warwick Dryers TI3940GUAER105 Door gasket - 1.5 metre
94.01.5B Warwick Extractors 94.01.5B Coin mech 50p
4.13.3 Warwick Dryers 4.13.3 Electric Heater Terminals Male
4.01.1C Warwick Dryers 4.01.1C Fan motor 1 phase new type
4.15.2A Warwick Dryers 4.15.2A Terminal Block
TI1970UGEAL175 Warwick Dryers TI1970UGEAL175 LPG JET 50lb/75lb
TI1960RADCD31B2 Warwick Dryers TI1960RADCD31B2 Brass 1/2
TI2950CONEN093 Warwick Dryers TI2950CONEN093 Contactor Heat
4.01.2A Warwick Dryers 4.01.2A Reversing Motor 1Ph p will require 4.01.6A Capacitor
4.13.1 Warwick Dryers 4.13.1 Elec. Heater Element - 20lb single 5kw
5.01.4 Warwick Dryers 5.01.4 Swingframe Disc (Large)
PRI8064025 Warwick Washers PRI8064025 Door seal for LA50
TI2950MORMA010 Warwick Dryers TI2950MORMA010 Terminal Block Live 10mm Electric Dryers
4.05.9 Warwick Dryers 4.05.9 Coggs 10 Pin Pegged Wheels
3.18.5 Warwick Dryers 3.18.5 Single Action Pulley Drive Set 30/50
TI2081105X Warwick Dryers TI2081105X Air Choke and Allen Screw
4.02.3 Warwick Dryers 4.02.3 Timer Dial and Insert 15 min
TI4970807X Warwick Dryers TI4970807X Drum pulley
3.13.2M Warwick Dryers 3.13.2M Bearing Spacer 50/75lb Metric
TI970212 Warwick Dryers TI970212 Compression Chamber Hose
3.25.1 Warwick Dryers 3.25.1 Motor Pulley Groove 20lb
TI2950PIATE883 Warwick Dryers TI2950PIATE883 Terminal Block Blank
4.02.4 Warwick Dryers 4.02.4 Timer 60min single switch
94.08.1 Warwick Extractors 94.08.1 Solenoid TT4
PRI610019077 Warwick Washers PRI610019077 Door Coil
7.07.2A Warwick Dryers 7.07.2A Coin Box Lock/with Lock Bar Attached.1/4 Turn
TI497841X Warwick Dryers TI497841X Door Catch Friction
4.02.5 Warwick Dryers 4.02.5 Timer 60min dual switch (old type)
4.11.5 Warwick Dryers 4.11.5 Pre purge timer FX30PPT/iss 2
3.18.6 Warwick Dryers 3.18.6 Reverse Action Pulley Drive Set 50lb
PRI346000003 Warwick Washers PRI346000003 ETA Relay For Door Lock
TI3970CAVFF001 Warwick Dryers TI3970CAVFF001 Cable to flame sensor
5.13.5 Warwick Dryers 5.13.5 Spring NG Silver
4.04.7 Warwick Dryers 4.04.7 Coggs 7 Pin Pegged Wheels
4.06.1A Warwick Dryers 4.06.1A Relay (2 pole) 8 Pin Timer type Special electric dryers only
6.13.2K Warwick Dryers 6.13.2K Key Top Panel Lock
96.02.1 Warwick Extractors 96.02.1 Coin Op Tokens (100No)
3.18.1 Warwick Dryers 3.18.1 Inter. Pulley 20/30Std/50Std
TI2955MG71MESS Warwick Dryers TI2955MG71MESS Motor Single Shaft 3 Phase WD30/50/75 Reverse Action Dryer
93.05.1 Warwick Extractors 93.05.1 Suspension block EX10
TI5935CORMEABV Warwick Dryers TI5935CORMEABV Steam Damper Wire
1.00.3 Warwick Dryers 1.00.3 Gas Straight Flange
TI2011204X Warwick Dryers TI2011204X Double Pulley Assembly - Intermediate Pulley
6.13.4K Warwick Dryers 6.13.4K Key Bottom Tee Handle
TI2950SEGLV220 Warwick Dryers TI2950SEGLV220 Green Indicator Bulb
TI2950SENSM510 Warwick Dryers TI2950SENSM510 Door Magnet Sensor
1.00.4 Warwick Dryers 1.00.4 Gas Straight 1/2
4.05.5A Warwick Dryers 4.05.5A

O/heat stat under drum

TI197820X Warwick Dryers TI197820X Spider/Trunnion for 50/75lb
TI2950RETER467 Warwick Dryers TI2950RETER467 Thermal Overload T7 DU 9.00A
TI2950LAMPA324 Warwick Dryers TI2950LAMPA324 Bulb - Push To Start Button
3.12.1M Warwick Dryers 3.12.1M Bearing Pillow Block 20/30lb Metric
3.18.8 Warwick Dryers 3.18.8 Reverse Action Pulley Double Belt 75lb
TI1937CUSYA207 Warwick Dryers TI1937CUSYA207 Bearing
4.07.1 Warwick Dryers 4.07.1 Door Microswitch
TI2950MINMO408 Warwick Dryers TI2950MINMO408 Mini Control Switch
TI2950TERMTU16 Warwick Dryers TI2950TERMTU16 Thermostat Adjustable (WD range)
TI2950MAGNE302 Warwick Dryers TI2950MAGNE302 Door Magnet Only
3.26.0 Warwick Dryers 3.26.0 Impellor Shaft Seal
94.01.8 Warwick Extractors 94.01.8 Insert/Face Plate 20p EX10/EX15
6.12.7 Warwick Dryers 6.12.7 Door seal outer
TI2950TEMP060M Warwick Dryers TI2950TEMP060M Timer 60 Min Heat
PRI342030027 Warwick Washers PRI342030027 Heating Element 2 x 2000w
TI197825X Warwick Dryers TI197825X Door Hinge Stainless Steel
TI2952CONDP022 Warwick Dryers TI2952CONDP022 Capacitor/Condenser Steam dryer
3.20.1 Warwick Dryers 3.20.1 Inter Adj Brkt 20/30/50
TI197812X Warwick Dryers TI197812X Spider/Trunnion 4 Leg for 20/30lb Dryer
3.16.0M Warwick Dryers 3.16.0M Washer & Lock Nut Metric
93.17.1 Warwick Extractors 93.17.1 Outer tub seal EX10
7.06.3 Warwick Dryers 7.06.3 Coin Box Bezel
PRI347000052 Warwick Washers PRI347000052 Token mech for Primus - 12k RECTANGLE TYPE
4.12.4 Warwick Dryers 4.12.4 H T lead
4.01.6 Warwick Dryers 4.01.6 Capicator Reversing Motor
4.16.1 Warwick Dryers 4.16.1 Fuse Holder 13A
4.01.5 Warwick Dryers 4.01.5 Capicator Fan Motor
94.01.1 Warwick Extractors 94.01.1 Timer 5min S/Switch EX10/EX15 ( 6min NLA )
4.06.3 Warwick Dryers 4.06.3 Relay (3 Pole) 11 Pin
94.10.8 Warwick Extractors 94.10.8 Electroflex Coupling EX10/EX15
4.13.2 Warwick Dryers 4.13.2 Elec. Heater Element - 30/50lb single
5.13.4 Warwick Dryers 5.13.4 LPG Conversion Kit 75lb NG to LPG
3.26.5 Warwick Dryers 3.26.5 Drum Pulley 75lb
3.18.3 Warwick Dryers 3.18.3 Intermediate Pulley 50Rev
TI1970UGEAL185 Warwick Dryers TI1970UGEAL185 LPG JET 20lb/30lb
TI883263G Warwick Dryers TI883263G LPG jet - WD range 50 and 75lb
TI1937CUSFY45T Warwick Dryers TI1937CUSFY45T Bearing
4.07.2 Warwick Dryers 4.07.2 Airflow Switch
4.06.6 Warwick Dryers 4.06.6 Relay Base - Mini. (1 Pole)
93.15.1 Warwick Extractors 93.15.1 Lid seal EX10
4.04.3 Warwick Dryers 4.04.3 Coggs 3 Pin Pegged Wheels
4.07.4 Warwick Dryers 4.07.4 Timer Multifunction fitted on remote op dryers
4.02.7 Warwick Dryers 4.02.7 Reversing Timer
3.13.1 Warwick Dryers 3.13.1 Bearing Spacer 20/30lb Imp.
4.04.1 Warwick Dryers 4.04.1 Green pushbutton
5.07.3 Warwick Dryers 5.07.3 Gas Injector (NG) 50lb (490)
PRI529575 Warwick Washers PRI529575 Door seal for FS16 New style(was 273112994945 )
3.18.5R Warwick Dryers 3.18.5R Reverse Action Pulley Drive Set 30lb
5.13.2 Warwick Dryers 5.13.2 LPG Conversion Kit 30lb NG to LPG
6.12.4 Warwick Dryers 6.12.4 Door magnet
5.08.3 Warwick Dryers 5.08.3 Gas Injector (LPG) 50lb (320)
PRI530020013 Warwick Washers PRI530020013 Counter Ring R10/16
TI2950PRESS342 Warwick Dryers TI2950PRESS342 Pressure Switch
4.09.4 Warwick Dryers 4.09.4 Gas Valve Dual 75lb
94.06.3 Warwick Extractors 94.06.3 Pushbutton red
4.04.4 Warwick Dryers 4.04.4 Coggs 4 Pin Pegged Wheels
TI2955MG71MESB Warwick Dryers TI2955MG71MESB Motor Single Shaft dbl phs
4.06.4 Warwick Dryers 4.06.4 Relay Base 3 Pole
TI2950SEKTY30S Warwick Dryers TI2950SEKTY30S Temperature Sensor - Lint Compartment
93.06.2 Warwick Extractors 93.06.2 Motor Grub Screw
TI2950PASGO023 Warwick Dryers TI2950PASGO023 Rubber Cable Holder Diam Int. 23mm
94.01.5A Warwick Extractors 94.01.5A Coin mech 20p
5.01.2 Warwick Dryers 5.01.2 Swingframe
1.00.5 Warwick Dryers 1.00.5 Gas Elbow 3/4
273112001766 Warwick Washers 273112001766 Door Gasket Large
TI2970901B Warwick Dryers TI2970901B Door Only Plastic Black
3.30.0 Warwick Dryers 3.30.0 Nut Fan Shaft Left Hand
TI2950CHINY6P5 Warwick Dryers TI2950CHINY6P5 Key Plastic Top Panel
4.05.2 Warwick Dryers 4.05.2 Main adjustable dial/knob
TI2955MG71BESS Warwick Dryers TI2955MG71BESS Motor Double Shaft 3 Phase WD20/30 0.37 Kw
93.09.1 Warwick Extractors 93.09.1 Flanged Bush EX10/EX15 brass
3.25.2 Warwick Dryers 3.25.2 Motor pulley 30/50lb
5.13.3 Warwick Dryers 5.13.3 LPG Conversion Kit 50lb NG to LPG
5.13.0 Warwick Dryers 5.13.0 Spring LPG Green
3.13.1M Warwick Dryers 3.13.1M Bearing Spacer 20/30lb Metric
6.13.4 Warwick Dryers 6.13.4 Tee Handle Bottom Locking
5.08.2 Warwick Dryers 5.08.2 Gas Injector (LPG) 30lb